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Pieter Walstra Award 2024

The Pieter Walstra Award has been installed in 2011 by the Dutch Dairy Organisation (NZO) to honour the unique contribution of Prof. dr. Pieter Walstra († May 2012) to the area of dairy science and technology. The purpose of the award is to stimulate excellent scientific publications in the field of dairy science and technology, in the spirit of Pieter Walstra’s work: critical, innovative, inspired by and directed towards practical problems.

Nominations for the Pieter Walstra award of 2024 should be in English and submitted electronically to the chairman of the jury, Prof. dr. ir. Thom Huppertz (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.).

A person can only submit a specific publication once. There is no geographic limitation.

Young scientists (younger than 40 years per January 1, 2024) are especially encouraged to submit. Apart from the publication or thesis, a CV should be included with a list of publications.

Nominations for the award will be solicited and must reach the Jury before December 31, 2023.

The award will be handed out at the Spring meeting 2024 of the Society for the Advancement of Dairy Science (April 11, 2022). Individuals may also bring a publication from someone else to the attention of the Jury.

Statement, rules en guidelines.


Pieter Walstra Awards previous winners: 

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2024 – Dr. Inge Gazi, Utrecht University, Unravelling elusive mysteries of bovine milk proteins by mass spectrometry

2022 – Ir. To Chak Ming, Ghent University, Seasonal variations in the functional performance of industrial low-moisture part-skim mozzarella over a 1.5-year period
2020 – Dr. Kelly Nichols, Wageningen University & Research, Whole-body and mammary gland metabolism in dairy cattle: impact of postabsorptive energetic substrates and amino acid profiles
2018 – Dr. Stefan Nobel, University of Hohenheim, Dairy Microgel suspensions: principles, phenomena, and models at different structural levels
2016 – Dr. Alina Sonne, University of Hohenheim, Micro and macro-structural matrix properties as modulator for creamy perception in yogurt systems
2014 – Dr. Kirsten Kastberg Moeller, University of Copenhagen, Salt reduction in Cheddar cheese: Exploring the potential of lactic acid bacteria and coagulants in restoring flavour and texture
2012 – Dr. Eveline Fredrick, Ghent University, Fat crystallization and partial coalescence in dairy creams: Role of monoacylglycerols